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  • Multicultural Counseling

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    As someone who has lived in three countries and therefore, across three cultures during their lifetime, I understand the challenges this can present in the form of loneliness, belonging, and finding’s one’s place and sense of identity. I have also worked for many years with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and I have done so with respect, curiosity and being trauma informed. I enjoy working with adolescents caught between two (or more) cultures, and adults attempting to navigate their way through life – whether they are first- or second-generation Australians, or new migrants. I do this by helping individuals understand their patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving and the influence of their culture and stories on this over time.

    Common presentations I can assist in this area include:

    • Adjusting to immigration
    • Navigating family relationships
    • Inter-racial relationships
    • Loneliness and belonging
    • Navigating expectations of parents/children
    • Complicated grief (especially since Covid lockdowns)
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma

    If this sounds like something I can support you with, please contact me today to book an appointment.